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You’ve got a great idea for new software that could kick-start or grow your business. If it’s a success, you could expand your team and make more money. And have a business you can be proud of, with delighted customers and rave reviews.

The snag is, you don’t know how to build it. And there’s nobody in your team who can.

You know you need to hand it over to a pro, but who? Who’s going to understand what you want and do your idea justice? Will the software work properly? Who’s worth the money? Are they going to be around if you have technical problems?

When you’re investing your time and a big wad of cash, you need to know for sure that you’ve got a good developer for the project.

How I can help

I’m Rich, and I’ll get you from idea to quality product quickly. How? By following process. My process has set stages for planning, development, customizing, maintenance and support. You’ll know exactly how the project will play out, phase to phase, from the beginning.

Most importantly, I invest lots of  time in the planning stage to protect your investment. This involves creating a document so we have a shared vision. I never start building based on my own assumptions.

Why I’m the right guy for the job

I’ve worked in the IT industry for 20 years, as a consultant mostly. My consulting experience means I can see the bigger picture with your idea; I’m not just the tech guy who can build it.

I’ve worked with:

• Microsoft
• Lucent Technologies
• Thomson Reuters
• Intuit
• CenturyLink


• Masters in Computer Information Systems
• Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
• Brainbench Certified Internet Professional

About me

I started my IT career when I was in the US Air Force, and the accounting software didn’t work as it should. What’s the point of having a system that you can’t rely on?

I believe in safeguarding your business’s reputation through my work; I won’t make software that your customers have paid for, but can’t use. I don’t want the embarrassment for either of us.

When I’m not working, my hobbies include:
• Playing the bass guitar
• Cycling
• Working out
• Reading business books
• Writing

I live in Denver, Colorado, if you’re looking to hire someone local.