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How my process protects your business


It costs extra money to sort out if you get landed with software that’s not what you expected. I’ll avoid that situation and get it right, because I’ll make sure I know exactly what you want as soon as we start talking.

You can also have me on hand 24/7 to deal with any technical errors that may crop up later. It’s payable in advance so easy to budget for and reassuring to know the cost is already covered if something needs fixing.


My planning means you won’t have a load of furious customers to deal with, because I’ll make sure the software works as it should. I can also be on call to fix server outages and take care of maintenance so your customers are kept happy.


You’ve got enough to do without worrying that your software isn’t going to turn out right. You’ll know exactly what to expect when working with me and I’ll stick to our agreed deadlines.

I also know, through thousands of hours of research and decades of experience, how to efficiently build reliable software. There’s no need to code from scratch; I can use the development tools I already have to make your product quickly, without compromising quality.

My Process

Phase 1: Roadmapping

We’ll meet via phone or email to talk through exactly what you need. This is an initial three-hour session (you can purchase more time if needed) to create a Roadmap document.

Basically, we make sure we’re on the same page… to build exactly what you want.

I’ll email the Roadmap for you to review and if we need to, we’ll talk again to get the plan spot-on.

Billed: Hourly

Phase 2: Software development and testing

I’ll email you a contract with a fixed price for the development and testing based on our Roadmap. You’ll sign the contract and make your payment.

Next, I’ll develop and test your software then you’ll review it.

I’ll fix any defects if needed and then I’ll ask you to formally approve your software.

Billed: Fixed price based on the Roadmap only. The software you receive will only deliver what was included in the Roadmap and nothing extra.

Phase 3: Customization

I’ll make any changes you want.

Billed: Hourly

Phase 4: Configuration, Deployment and Help Desk Setup

I’ll set up your server and get your software running. I’ll get your Help Desk sorted with a Ticket Tracking System and Knowledge Base on your server.

Billed: Hourly

Phase 5: Ongoing Production Monitoring

I offer support on a month-to-month basis. This is 24/7, all year round and includes:
• Dealing with server outages
• Checking for critical errors
• Regular server maintenance

Billed: Monthly (paid in advance)

Phase 6: Production Support and Maintenance

I’ll write code to fix any production issues, manage your Help Desk and make any changes to the software that you want.

Billed: Hourly